Cannot doesn't exist

In the 1980s, as a forerunner, Mick Eekhout designed technically innovative and daring architectural space frames and tent structures. The movable tent construction for the TV program Nederland Muziekland is an example. No one dared or could make and build these specialist constructions. But ‘cannot does not exist' for Mick. He makes the constructions in-house. The music program became wildy popular: everywhere the tent was set up, there was a party. And although the traveling canopy would only be used for a few years, it still looks great during music festivals throughout the Netherlands. 

Design & Build


Thanks to his can do - mentality, Mick founded Octatube in 1983. Octatube designs and builds challenging space frames and tent constructions entirely in-house, on time and within budget. It is the start of Octatube's unique design & build concept: designing, testing, developing, producing and building under one roof. With the aim of making the impossible possible.

Technical excellence


Rapidly, Ocgatube built a reputation as a technical problem solver and innovator. Specializing in realizing innovative steel and glass constructions at home and abroad. But also as a creator of smart solutions to make designs feasible. This certainly pays off for parts that are highly specialized, new or experimental. 



The can do - mentality and passion for complex and challenging architecture, runs like a thread through our company. Octatube's timeline includes over 1,000 projects, by far the most customized and never-before-done. The bigger the challenge, the better. Because every project is unique with its own complexity, it continuously requires us to look and think differently about constructive applications of materials such as steel, aluminum, glass, composite, cardboard and wood. We have integrated design, development and research into our search for smart structural designs.

Family business


Sons Nils and Max joined the company, keeping Octatube a true Delft family business. Naturally, they put their own spin on it. Traditional decision-making structures, where management has the final say, have been abandoned. At Octatube, we work with self-managing and self-organizing multidisciplinary teams. This way of working ensures that we can switch quickly and solve problems together in a short space of time. Moreover, it creates a culture of helping, stimulating and challenging each other to become better and more creative.

Realizing challenging architecture


Octatube is growing. And the assignments are and are getting bigger and more challenging. And what’s more: Octatube is changing with the times. But one thing is certain. Our goal remains to realize challenging architecture. Our team of enthusiastic professionals brings to life the most creative and innovative concepts for facades and roofs that others think are impossible.


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