How we work

Do what you do best

We realize challenging architecture together. By combining and strengthening our individual talents to the best of our abilities, we can discover and explore new paths. We rely on each other's expertise and have designed our way of working together accordingly. Octans inspire each other, get the best out of themselves and want to keep growing.  

Everything is teameffort

Trust each other

Trust and equality, combined with honesty and transparency. That is the basis of our way of working. No departments but self-managing teams, without strict hierarchy, where you can say anything to each other in an environment where you can be yourself.

Your expertise, your role

Own initiative

You work in a team in which you have your own role. With your own responsibilities, matching your expertise and talent. You decide how to perform your role. That means plenty of scope for your own initiative. Together with your team, you ensure that you achieve the team goal.

We think it is important that Octans feel good about themselves, work in a healthy and safe way and find a good work-life balance. This is also in the little things: everyone has a stand-up desk and there is fresh fruit every day. Together, we create an environment where everyone feels at home and safe.

Safe and healthy

Feedback as an opportunity

Strengthen each other

We want to help and motivate each other by giving feedback. Thanks to feedback from other Octans, you become more aware of your own contribution and can actively work on developing yourself. Learning by doing.

Developing yourself

Plenty of possibilities

Why stop learning? Challenge yourself, determine your own growth path and develop your talent in the direction that suits you and Octatube. Take a different role, For example. Get to work with your Octa coach. And make use of the education and training opportunities. 

Working from home

Work-life balance

Partly in the office and partly working from home is possible for most roles. Make agreements about this together with your team. Of course, a good ergonomic home office is a must. We do consider it important for everyone to be in the office regularly. That contributes to our strong corporate culture.

Time to relax


We provide plenty of time for relaxing, team building and above all, fun. This starts, for example, with table tennis or table football  during lunch. A breath of fresh air during a lunch walk or simply on our waterside terrace. Moreover, nothing is more important than celebrating successes together. The big and the small, with a bitterball and drinks for every milestone. Our Party Committee takes a slightly bigger approach, with, for example, the summer party for Octans and family, Sinterklaas, the Octa Christmas Party, themed events, study trips and many other moments to step away from work and get to know each other better.


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