About Octatube

Realizing challenging architecture

We make complex architectural structures, such as facades and roofs, from glass, steel and other materials. No two projects are the same. We work with architects and consultants to bring their architectural vision to life.

We are Delft-based family business where 100+ Octans work with great consideration for each other and our environment. Octans are approachable, honest and down-to-earth. But most of all, they are very driven. Together we realise the most challenging architecture. And we are proud of that!

Design & Build

Unique combination

At Octatube, design and build go hand in hand. We have the unique combination of designing, testing, developing, producing and building under one roof. That makes working at Octatube special.


By innovation

Our strength is finding unique and innovative customized solutions for complex architecture. We keep puzzling until we have the best, smartest and sometimes experimental solution. That makes our work diverse and interesting.

Our ambitions

We look beyond

We want to make the world’s most iconic facades, roofs and constructions. With innovations that no one has heard of yet and that everyone considers impossible. That makes our work challenging.

Octans possess a good dose of willfulness and courage to explore and innovate in uncharted paths. We fully rely on each other's expertise and talent. That gives us a lot of freedom and flexibility. Add to that our unprecedented passion for challenging architecture and the drive to keep getting better, and you have in a nutshell the special combination of what makes us so unique as a team.
Our core values

Octans are all different, but we have this DNA in common. It makes us unique as a team. If you work at Octatube, you are Octatube.

Looking for a challenge

Inventing new solutions

We love a challenge. Every project is unique, everything is custom-made. Our projects are often real brainteasers for which we come up with smart, new and sometimes experimental solutions.

Doing what we say

Open, honest en transparant

Keeping promises, being honest and straightforward, stating what you can or cannot do. We know exactly where we stand with each other. Naturally, there is the same transparency with our clients and partners. 

Stronger together

Combining inividual talents

Making challenging buildings is something no one can do alone. We connect our individual talents and form a close-knit team in which everyone contributes in a unique way. As a whole, we are more than the sum of our parts.

Good at what we do

Better every day

Doing what you are good at and what gives you energy. And getting one step better every day to meet the next challenge.

Cannot doesn't exist


Keep your cool and keep puzzling. Because there is no such thing as ‘cannot’. With this in premise, founder Mick Eekhout started his architectural firm in the 1970s. It still forms the basis of Octatube.



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